Early Work (2000s)

In 2004, after over a decade of self-imposed musical retirement, I stepped back into the waters of laying the musical imagery in my mind onto a recordable medium. At that time, new and inexpensive digital recording software was coming on the market, and this allowed me to get ideas down quickly and efficiently.

Liquid Terrain: Solo Recordings (2004-2008)

donso ngoni, thumb pianos, khaen, keyboards, vocals, berimbau, calabash, caxixi, Tibetan singing bowl, harmonica, suling, bamboo recorder.

Most of these pieces explore my interest in grooves and soundscapes that are soft, textural, intertwined and liquid. The shorter pieces are lighter in outlook; the longer pieces offer more contemplative listening. Bremerton Reeds begins with a level of seriousness, but switches into a more lighthearted energy, inspired by the spirit of Rahsaan Roland Kirk.

These recordings were remixed and remastered in 2018 and are available for download on Bandcamp. You can also purchase these recordings on Apple Music, Amazon Music, or stream it on Spotify.